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Mixed Media Quilt: An Unexpected Combo

mixed media quilt

For my latest project, I received a request: “I have a number of knitted squares that I would like compiled into either a blankie or a poncho”. I kindly let the client know that, try as I might, I am not a knitter, and she might have better luck elsewhere, but she indicated that knitting was not necessarily a requirement for this project. So I proposed a plan to attach the knitted squares to a fabric base and create a mixed media quilt.

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Autumn Quilting

autumn quilt in South Africa

I must confess. Quilts used to seem like the most boring, old-lady things to sew once upon a time. This despite having some amazing homemade quilts from friends and family when I was young, and loving them for their colours and patterns. But I have seen the error of my ways, folks! Quilts are AWESOME! The reason for my change of heart? A beautiful Autumn Quilt in South Africa that I wish I could take more credit for.

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