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Pretty Pink Summer Dress

Yet another dress that was made for a much skinnier me! About two years ago I got a lovely maxi skirt as a hand-me-down from a friend, which sadly didn’t fit at all. It was a thin but soft cotton in a gorgeous print that was perfect for summer, and I felt something had to be done to make it fit. So instead of taking in the waist or something equally simple and sensible, of course I chose to revamp it entirely and make a dress!

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Upcycle stockings

upcycle stockings

Winter is here! I love thigh-high things – boots, tights, you name it. However, I have thunder thighs from horse-riding, so I tend not to show them off too often. I did this project more for something to do on a boring rainy morning, but lo! They suit me! And now they’re my favourite winter item so far.

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Johanna’s Modern African Top & Shorts

Modern African outfit in South Africa

My most recent project is a custom outfit in South Africa for a fellow university client. I’ve been dying to start a project in African print for ages now, so when a client approached me for these fun shorts and T-shirt I leapt at the opportunity! Johanna has great style, and knew exactly what she was looking for.

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