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Queen Marlene

Regina Once Upon A Time costume in South Africa

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived next door. She loved to come visit to play with the cat and watch me sew. For every bolt of fabric I had in my studio, she could envision a garment for – even I haven’t planned that far ahead! Marlene is a very creative and bright young lady, and we spent quite a bit of time together on the weekends when her mom was busy. We painted, baked, played dress-up and watched TV.

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Pretty Pink Summer Dress

Yet another dress that was made for a much skinnier me! About two years ago I got a lovely maxi skirt as a hand-me-down from a friend, which sadly didn’t fit at all. It was a thin but soft cotton in a gorgeous print that was perfect for summer, and I felt something had to be done to make it fit. So instead of taking in the waist or something equally simple and sensible, of course I chose to revamp it entirely and make a dress!

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The Exam Stress Dress

Polkadot dress

Nothing beats stress like avoiding your responsibilities and doing some crafty sewing instead! This post is so titled because I whipped this dress up while I was studying for my final Art History exam. Polkadots cheer me up, and if you could see the stacks of books and notes on my desk, you’d be in need of a polkadot dress too.

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