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Mermaid Tales

mermaid costumes in South Africa

These beautiful young ladies have made me believe that mermaids are real. I’ve been dying to do a mermaid project for ages, since all these trending iridescent and scale-print fabrics first started taking over my Pinterest feed. Check out my mermaid board if you don’t believe how crazy I am about this. So when lovely Marlene (Queen Marlene, of Once Upon A Time fame) asked me about mermaid tails for swimming in, boy did I leap at the opportunity.

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Queen Marlene

Regina Once Upon A Time costume in South Africa

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived next door. She loved to come visit to play with the cat and watch me sew. For every bolt of fabric I had in my studio, she could envision a garment for – even I haven’t planned that far ahead! Marlene is a very creative and bright young lady, and we spent quite a bit of time together on the weekends when her mom was busy. We painted, baked, played dress-up and watched TV.

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The History of Halloween (and why it is the favourite dress-up excuse)

The History of Halloween

Does Halloween make you think of scary witches and creepy ghosts? We don’t really celebrate traditional Halloween in South Africa, although it has recently become more popular among the trendy families to let their kids go trick or treating. The kids love it as it gives them an opportunity to dress up. (The grown ups too)!

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Notice Me Senpai

Anime schoolgirl costume in South Africa

So I like my anime and my manga. Following the massive amount of time spent reading and then watching both Naruto and Bleach, I ventured out in search of more indie or alternative anime. I’m not going to go into a list of favourites here, that’s a (long) post for another day. I will say that I have yet to find an anime series I can’t watch. Sure, there are plenty that are badly animated, badly translated, with terrible plots and annoying or poorly constructed characters,  but sometimes it becomes part of the charm.

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Christ in Converse

Costume party outfit in South Africa

How’s this for a cool idea for a themed costume party: every invite contains a card from 30 Seconds, and the guest has to choose one of the five answers on the card to dress as! Brilliante! Especially if the host is like me and has exhausted all the usual themes for a costume party.

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