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Upcycle stockings

upcycle stockings

Winter is here! I love thigh-high things – boots, tights, you name it. However, I have thunder thighs from horse-riding, so I tend not to show them off too often. I did this project more for something to do on a boring rainy morning, but lo! They suit me! And now they’re my favourite winter item so far.

The original tights were children’s size, and the crotch came up to about my knee and no further. So I hacked the waist off to make two long socks. Of course the raw edges rolled down and would have started fraying, and I was about to put a hidden elastic in when I found this elasticated lace! How perfect! There was just enough to circle both my legs, phew.

upcycle stockings

Stretch marks are beautiful! They’re not as obvious in these photos, but my legs are a network of blue streaks and blotches. Most days I hate them and hide them in jeans, but other times I’m reminded that an unblemished body a) is a sign of an unlived, boring life, and b) probably doesn’t exist. Most of these stretch marks came from weight loss anyway, so they’re evidence of something to be proud about.

I’m thinking of dying the lace a light pastel pink to better complement the socks, what do you think? Do you prefer the current light cream/off-white colour or should I go pink? Tell me in the comments.

upcycle stockings

I love the way the lace is slightly hidden under this purple skirt (above) and just peeps out to catch your eye every now and then. Walking in it just tickles me pink (teehee!) because of the cheeky flash of lace with every step. Cheeky but still adorably cute.

If you enjoyed this Creation Chronicle, and have your own pair of stockings you want to upcycle, contact Studio Brinnjal today.

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