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Pond Life

DIY Pond

Here’s something a little different. A story about how I created a pond in my mom’s back yard. This completely DIY pond was quite fun, and quite back-breaking!

My mom has way too much garden space, which is filling up with plants and a braai place and looking amazing. Her goal is to steadily replace all the grass with garden beds. I have a fantastic Reader’s Digest book full of gardening tips and ideas, including decorative features. So I thought I’d help my mom out while I’m home for the holidays.


I loved the idea of a water feature but the mothership insisted that stagnant water will only bring mosquitos and algae, and an electric water pump is too much maintenance.

Solution: A pond with mosquito fish (they eat mosquito larvae, obviously).

The Task

I got to work, digging and digging and MORE digging. The dog helped and the cat watched.

Beginnings of a pond

The hole was lined with old PVC from a kiddy splash pool. Filled with borehole water and weighed down with bricks and rocks, it started looking like a construction site mess. Until we added the rubber ducky, that is.

DIY Pond

Finishing Touches

Once it was full of water, I trimmed off the excess plastic and decorated the edges with interestingly shaped driftwood, pot plants and little ornaments. It would make a wonderful faerie paradise. I threw a bunch of rocks and shells into the depths so that the fish wouldn’t miss out on the scenery.

Home-made pond

And then it was time for the fishies! Three gorgeous goldfish, a million billion little mosquito fish, and a bucketful of tadpoles too. The rubber ducky keeps them company. A couple of different plant species (I don’t know their names), and an evil floating plant that spreads like wildfire if not contained.

DIY Fish Pond

Add the finalé of fairy lights nearby and solar lanterns around the edges, and ta-da! A magical little pond where the frogs can go on romantic dates (I know they do, because we can HEAR them from a block away). The dog and cat thankfully don’t bother with water much, and the fish are too quick and smart to get caught.

Nightime photo

It took a full afternoon to dig the hole and prep it for holding the water, and another day to decorate and clean up the mess I made around it.


See my beautiful little goldfish?

I’m taking the liberty of calling this a Creation Chronicle, since I DID create this DIY pond. Next up on the blog, we’ll get back to the business of sewing, I promise! Comment, share or get in touch with us if you enjoyed this post!

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