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Op – Op – Oppa Oppidan Style

custom wrap skirt in South Africa

Every year my university hosts a ball for the oppidan students (the students who live in their own accommodation and not in campus residences). It is THE formal event of the year and everyone puts their best dress forward. I usually just browse Facebook after the event to drool (and sometimes giggle) over the red carpet outfits, but last year I actually attended. And I made myself a custom wrap skirt to wear for the occasion.

Oppi ball

The Story

Come the special night, I wasn’t feeling very well and we almost didn’t go, but a good friend of ours twisted le boyfriend’s arm and convinced us that it will be worth it. Because it was a last minute decision, and I didn’t feel right in any dress I owned, I had one day to whip up something new. To keep my life simple, since I know my problem with biting off more than I can chew, I decided to make a basic wrap-around skirt that would fit over my little black dress. I’m not one for showing off my legs (I don’t think the world can handle such sublime sexy elegance just yet), so the LBD was not an option on its own. However, with a full skirt attached, it became a perfect outfit.

The Job

Fabric: wine red viscose cotton blend

Pattern: none

I honestly just tied the wine red fabric around my waist and worked from there. I wanted it to sit on the narrowest part of my waist but that caused my tummy to resemble a pregnant whale. Well, that’s what it felt like anyway. I gathered and folded the fabric to make a horizontal ruched effect and then pinned that down. I inserted a zip down the back, which secured the ruching. Then it was a simple matter of finishing off the seams and hems. I’m not the proudest of the outcome, as it’s rather sloppy. For some reason the one side kept riding up throughout the night. But I still felt glam and elegant enough to fit in at the ball.

custom wrap skirt

I should have run the iron over it a few more times… I look rather herpaderp in the above photo because I was holding back a sneezing fit. It should be noted that I am not actually blonde at this stage in my life. Dying my hair red was just so exciting and new for me. But it’s taking forever to grow out and I’m eagerly awaiting my true colours to show again!

custom wrap skirt

Look at my beautiful date! That’s le boyfriend, who supports me through everything, and carried my tissues in his pockets for me so I could go to the ball with my snivelly nose. He usually wears smart shirts for work but he looked even more absolutely dashing that night. I admit to drooling a little, and not because of being ill! Dressing up for a fancy event is something special and exciting, even if you do it with your boyfriend and not the girlfriends. Being all glamorous, feeling pretty, arm in arm, definitely made this night worth the tissues and the rush.

custom wrap skirt

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