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Game of Thrones Sling Bag

Game of Thrones sling bag

Slouchy sling bags are a must-have for everyone! I’ve done a few before now, but this one I really enjoyed and it was the first time I’ve put in the effort to line it.

This was for a client and fellow student (jip, people actually give me money to do my hobby!) who, like me, loves Game of Thrones. I recommended a good sturdy fabric but the rest was all hers to pick out. I love how the untreated canvas she chose suits the sepia GoT map designs so well.

The Process

The GoT images were screened-printed on by a local printing shop, so I had to cut around the prints. Normally I would have made the straps and bag body out of one piece of fabric (I HATE VISIBLE SEAMS!), but the position the images were printed in didn’t allow for that. So I did one shape for the bag body and another for the straps.

I cut the same pattern (drafted by hand, I’ll have you know) for the lining and the outer canvas and attached them together. Which technically makes it reversible, but who would want a plain black bag when they have the whole of Westeros and Essos on the other side? Nevertheless, a smooth finish.

Game of Thrones sling bag

The Final Product

The purpose of the bag is for daily student life, which means lots and lots of books being lugged around (perhaps she’ll name her bag Podrick). I made the strap extra wide – a full 10cm – to avoid it digging into her shoulder. I also tried to get the length just right so that it sat just on the hip. The goal was to create a shape that with a full load wouldn’t jab into her or drag her down.

Game of Thrones sling bag

A quick, simple and enjoyable job. ‘Til next time folks… Stick ’em with the pointy end!

If you enjoyed this Creation Chronicle, contact us today for your own custom Game of Thrones slouchy bag.

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