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Christ in Converse

Costume party outfit in South Africa

How’s this for a cool idea for a themed costume party: every invite contains a card from 30 Seconds, and the guest has to choose one of the five answers on the card to dress as! Brilliante! Especially if the host is like me and has exhausted all the usual themes for a costume party.

Costume party outfit in South Africa

A few years ago my dearest friend Andy Pandy was invited to one such party, and the only viable option on the card to dress as was Jesus Christ. His puppy eyes made a convincing argument to whip up an outfit last minute, so with a quick prayer that this doesn’t count as blasphemy, I did.

Disclaimer: Neither me nor Andy mean any offence by the costume or intend to create any religious commentary or criticism.

I traced a T-shirt of Andy’s to get the size right, and basically just made a longer version of it in white. Flared long sleeves for dramatic representation, a little tweaking around the waist to fit better, and a simple satin red sash, and praise Jebus, we had ourselves a very convincing lord and saviour.

Costume party outfit in South Africa

The sash was long enough to wrap around the waist, which helped to keep it from constantly slipping off his shoulder. I spruced up the neckline with a sheer ribbon as well; the Lord should have some style, after all. Sadly I could not convince him to don leather sandals, and the Converse All-Stars stayed…

What was nice was that he simply wore the outfit over T-shirt and jeans, so he was comfortable the whole night. And what a sight to behold, the modern Christ in Converse breaking it down in the club.

Costume party outfit in South Africa

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