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A Glitter Ombré Dress for a Glam Mom

glitter ombré dress

In my first year of uni a friend of mine asked me to sew a glitter ombré dress for her mom. This was one of my first proper sewing jobs for a client, and it was an absolute pleasure to do!

glitter ombré dress

The Brief

My friend wanted to surprise her mom with a stunning dress to wear on her birthday. It was a very special birthday and there was to be a big celebration. The idea was to create a dress that was snazzy and glamorous that still reflected the demure dignity of her age.

We decided on a butterfly wing dress because it’s stylish but not too clingy. Plus, because it was a surprise gift, we only had her rough dress size and no specific measurements. I didn’t want to take any chances with a tighter fit. We thought this style was best because the drape is elegant without being frumpy or shapeless.

The Construction Process

Pattern: self-drafted

Fabric: a sort of glitter ombré lamé knit. My friend picked it out in a beautiful sparkly purple to silver ombré colour gradient.

The construction of this glitter ombré dress was pretty simple. The pattern started out as a trapezoid (top side longer). A veeeery slight curve was cut for the neck line, but my friend liked the straight cut (boat neck) neckline so we stuck to that. Two seams up the sides divided the sleeves/wings from the main body piece, but no fabric was cut for this. This gives the sleeves a nice waterfall affect towards the bottom. To finish off, the hems were folded double and straight-stitched.

Here’s a picture of me trying on the dress during construction, please try not to laugh. It’s a bit tighter on me, so you can see where it is shaped around the waist.

glitter ombré dress

I should also mention here that the fabric is a little bit transparent. When asked if I should add a lining to remedy this, my friend pointed out that her mom would most likely wear shapewear, or perhaps a slip, underneath. So please excuse my darker underwear peaking through in the photo above; I guarantee the dress did not expose my friend’s mom in a similar way on her birthday.

Remember the packaging box I spoke about in this post? This was the garment that was packaged, complete with rose petals and my friend’s birthday message for her mom.

glitter ombré dress

My friend’s mom loved the dress, and really enjoyed her lovely birthday celebrations. She was sweet enough to phone me up on her birthday to thank me directly, which was the most awesome feedback I’ve ever received.

glitter ombré dress

If you enjoyed this Creation Chronicle, feel free to contact us for your own custom glitter ombré dress.

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