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Welcome to the Nuthouse!

Brinnjal Sewing

(Those are the words on the front door mat of my mom’s house).

Phwor, after doing all the setting up and editing to get this site looking pretty, it feels kind of odd to finally get to the actual posting! So as a brief introduction of what’s to come, let me just add a few spoilers:

This is a place mostly to showcase my sewing and crafty DIY projects, but I’ll throw in as much arty stuff and inspiring content as I can, to flesh it out and keep things fresh. Feel free to make suggestions for new projects and whatnot – I’m usually too indecisive to start new things easily, so following your suggestions will kick my butt into gear and get me being productive and creative!

Brinnjal Sewing

I am going to be making references to TV shows, music and suchlike that inspire me – in my day-to-day life as well as relating to the particular project of the time. I will also mention the most important things in my life, such as le boyfriend, my mom and sister, daily life as it goes, my current work, and my little herb garden. Frequently, with no explanatory context.

In other words, this blog will be as close to my inner thought processes as possible, with just enough direction for you not to get completely lost (trust me, it’s a labyrinth up here).

I’ll try explain the techniques I use in my projects as clearly as possible, and I would really really love some feedback, or a chat about similar projects. Or any kind of social interaction, really. It gets lonely, spending all my time either working, studying or holed up in my sewing corner. I need a cat. Sigh.

Anyhoo, I hope you like what you see here 🙂

2017 UPDATE:

What started as a personal blog has evolved into a complete business, so naturally the content has shifted focus too. Since the posting of this blog article, many things have changed. I no longer have a little herb garden, and other things have taken more important positions in my life.

Oh, and I do now have a cat 🙂

Brinnjal Sewing

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